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We are a real estate company that blends our entrepreneurial investing philosophy with a dedication to providing long-term value to the communities in which we invest and build.
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Alexander Goshen brings a proven track record and success is the result of an economic discipline to provide extraordinary risk adjusted returns to its investors by adhering to the following principles: buy only the best sites as location makes real estate unique, capitalize on the cyclical trends in real estate, solve and execute complex transactions, seek assets that provide a discount to market value and replacement cost, understand macroeconomic conditions and local market dynamics, and implement tax sensitive strategies to maximize returns.


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Our Impact

Being acknowledged as a community developer gives us great pride. Alexander Goshen puts a strong emphasis on how communities can change people's lives.

By working with local governments to tackle projects that the private sector is unable to complete on its own, we adopt this impact strategy.

Through innovation, teamwork, community involvement, transparency, and execution, we achieve the goal of creating thriving attainable communities. In the end, the communities we invest in will be significantly impacted by our projects.

The Art of Living

Each neighborhood reflects a focus on fostering families’ enjoyment of life. Our main goal is to create neighborhoods where people can interact with one another and take advantage of amenities that will improve their quality of life. Sustainable, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible properties is the standard and culture at our firm

We believe you should be at peace in your own home. Where you ought to feel most at ease. Every development is approached with an artistic sensibility. The art of living. Promoting physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being.